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A New Era of Gamification

SoundDAO is a revolutionary new platform that seeks to create a supercharged monetization ecosystem for creators, cleverly disguised as an in-real-life (IRL) play-to-earn game (P2E).

The platform's innovative approach to gaming involves launching an IRL P2E game where players start on the street team of a new creative agency, Big Creative, and earn tokens by completing challenges and interacting physically with their surroundings and other players all the while working their way up through the ranks of the company.

At SoundDAO, we are passionate about empowering creators by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to monetize their art and build communities.Our native in game token is called SoundCoin (SOUND). This token serves as the platform's currency, and users can earn and trade it for their benefit.

SoundDAO has the potential to revolutionize the creative economy by providing a unique way for creators to monetize their art and connect with fans while promoting collaboration and engagement.

The platform offers different roles for users, including Creators, Players, and Collectors, each with unique opportunities to earn rewards and support the growth of the platform. Whether you are an artist looking to monetize your creations, a fan seeking to earn rewards for discovering and recruiting creators, or a collector interested in owning unique NFTs, SoundDAO has something for everyone.


Jeremy Krause - CEO and Founder

Co-Founder/VP of Business Development at CannaKorp, Inc. Raised $8M+ to fund development and launch of the world’s first pod-based cannabis vaporizer system – the wisp.CSO of Cultivara A.C. a Bio Sustainability SPAC focused on Hemp.Managing Director, Business Development Consultants LLC, a boutique cannabis and hemp consulting firm.

Brian Grisell - COO

Most notably, Brian bootstrapped ProfitWell to a $200m acquisition by Paddle as the 3rd employee. Brian is an experienced business development and partnerships leader, as well as subscription economist and operator with a demonstrated history of working with top SaaS, Subscription, and web3 companies.

Drew Gillen - Consultant

Co-Founder and CEO of Abyiss. Leveraging first principles, thinking and constantly innovating to help build a better future.Simplifying the process of engaging with decentralized finance by providing user-friendly and intuitive interface for interacting with cryptocurrency.